Resident’s Trip to Felixstowe

Our residents recently enjoyed a trip to Felixstowe, visiting “The Hut”, which provides visitors with a unique venue to enjoy the sea-side. A fish and chip lunch was followed by Ice creams by the prom, as residents and staff alike, enjoyed the scenic views of this popular Suffolk resort.
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  1. Dear Friends,
    I looked up your website because before 59A Henley Road was Bethesda Eventide Homes, it was my grandparents’ home. I spent two wonderful summers there in 1954 and ’55, while living in Bristol with my parents. I’ll never forget Ipswich, Christ Church Park, and Felixstowe, where my Grandad and Granny had a hut on the beach – such happy days.
    Though I’ve grown up in the US (my mother married an American airman and emigrated after WWII) I’ve always had the happiest memories of “The Poplars” as it was called then. Some day I hope to come and visit with my daughter. I’m so happy that it’s passed into good hands and I hope your residents enjoy being there!
    With all best wishes,
    Diane Brown
    New York, NY

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